Your gut knows you need a good wash. All that gas from overindulging, those toxins that were so fun at the time. But now you pick up colds like velcro, your paunch laughs when you do sit ups, and your joints creak like a haunted house. Doesn’t feel so fun anymore, does it?

But what if the answer is the most relaxing, luxurious poo of your life?

Candles, soothing music. You’re laying on your side, swaddled in a cozy blanket. The soothing heating pad beneath you is actually a bed of warm amethyst. Warm water is gently, slowly cleansing your colon. A helping hand massages your soon-to-be-deflated paunch. You’re in total control, and your colon is singing with joy: “Finally! After all these years! You’re really hydrating me and giving me a proper wash! I can finally let it go!”

Welcome to your body’s new best friend: colon hydrotherapy with Ericka Mason. She’s seen huge results with swishing away the gunk through Slo-fill colonics, both for clients and for herself. A skilled healer, from her own first session she has been excited to share this age-old yet new-to-Holland breakthrough technology.

Did you know that humans and colonics go way back. Like, literally to the Pyramids? According to the Eber Papyrus, Ancient Egyptians were hip to colon hydrotherapy for treating diseases and removing mucus 3,500 years before Holland, MI.

So let’s get down to the big question: what is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy 101

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as a colonic or colon irrigation treatment, is a safe, drug-free way to remove waste and toxins in the large intestine. By introducing warm, filtered water into the colon, waste is softened and loosened, resulting in a gentle “evacuation” through natural peristalsis (wavelike contractions in the lower intestine).

This process can be repeated several times during each session. Treatments encourage the digestive system to work efficiently and effectively, while also deeply hydrating the colon.

A clean, hydrated colon is a happy colon, and essential for optimum health. Every day we strain our bodies through exposure to all kinds of gross goodies. Toxic chemicals, sneaky GMOs in our food, pharmaceuticals in our water, allergies in the air – all leave a heavy burden on our tissues, cells and organs, leading to inflammation and disease. And your gassy little paunch.

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQ for happy poo.