Frequently asked questions regarding colon hydrotherapy treatment

1.    Will it hurt?
No, it will not hurt.  We work very gently using a Slo-fill method of introducing water into the colon.  There is a small plastic piece called a speculum that is gently inserted into the rectum.  The speculum is lubricated so that is slides in easily and with no discomfort. 

2.    What is a session like?
Very warm water is slowly introduced into the anus.  You are always in control, if at any time you are feeling uncomfortable, you can stop.  If your body is able, more small slow fills will be made introducing about 1 cup of water at a time into the colon.  Then when you feel you are full, you just say empty and the water is allowed to empty taking any fecal matter or undigested food along with it.  If you feel that you can take another fill, the process can be repeated.  Each time you are trying to allow water deeper and deeper into the colon to cleanse it gently. Some abdominal massage may be given to help move the water along past any blockages such as gas bubbles or large fecal matter.  Everything that is done is done slowly and gently.  Your safety and comfort are the number one priority.

3.    How long will a session be?
The first session will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Ericka will sit down and discuss your health history as well as any health issues that you are currently dealing with.  She will need to know about any medications that you are taking and will talk a little bit about your eating habits.  The actual treatment usually lasts about 45 minutes and everything that is being done will be explained to you.

4.    Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my treatment?
It’s best to stop eating and drinking 2 hours before your session.  This allows your colon to rest and be ready for relaxation.

5.    Is one treatment enough or will I have to come back for more treatments?
It’s best to receive a series of three treatments in a row when you first begin. This way you can be somewhat assured of reaching far up into the colon and really doing a good job of cleaning.  After the initial series it is really up to you and your therapist to determine what would be a good protocol for you.  If you eat well and take good care of yourself, it may only be necessary to have a series once per quarter.  However, if your eating habits are somewhat poor or you are having digestive issues, it may be beneficial to have treatments on a monthly basis.  Each person is different.  We want to coach you to use colon hydrotherapy regularly as part of your wellness program.  Like changing the oil in your car to keep it running well!

6.  Do I need to fast or do a colon cleanse before the colonics?   
No, it helps to drink more filtered water and avoid dairy and wheat as preparation.  We also suggest a supplemental magnesium product called Oxy-Powder.  Take 2 before bed each night to help draw water into the colon and promote the muscle activity.

7.  Why do prepaid packages not have a refund policy? 
What if I don’t like the treatment and only want one?  We accept your payment after your first session so you’ll know whether or not you want to return.

8.  What will happen after the treatment and can I work, will I leak?
It’s best to arrange to go home after your first session.  That way you can relax and take it easy.  Most of us have strong enough muscles to heed the call and get to the toilet without leaking.  After cleansing, do not trust your gas…it could be wet. 

9.  Why so many treatments? 
Most people are dehydrated and overwhelmed. This procedure is about relaxation and hydration.  It may take several months or even years for us to help repattern old habits and cleanse the entire 30’ of tubing from mouth to anus. 

10.  If I go three times a day why do I need colon hydrotherapy?    
If we eat, drink & breathe, we are processing toxins.  A typical colon hydro session may help release several quarts of fecal matter, quite a lot more than we release in a day.

11.  I have not had a BM for several days. Will this solve my problem? 
We’d need to know more.  It certainly will help if there is a long term back up.  We’ll talk about the causes and what you can do to help prevent this from happening.

12.  If I do an oral colon cleanse why do I need a colonic? 
Cleansing by taking oral products can be very harsh and irritating to the gastric lining.  We usually discourage the ingestion of herbal and over the counter products that will force the waste through too quickly; creating dehydration and cramping.  They also work when they want to, without any warning sometimes.  The colon hydrotherapy session is a gentle, relaxing experience of warm, filtered water soothing and relaxing the colon as it tones the muscles.  Very big difference.